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“Le Rêve” by Pablo Picasso, “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt, Queen Elizabeth Tudor, the mysterious and exotic atmospheres of Henri Rousseau… these and other very famous paintings have inspired a wonderful series of “textile collages”: the Illutextiles by Sara Molinaroli for Fabrics & Co., distributor for Italy of English fabrics for interior and wallpapers.

Textile moodboard, James Malone Fabrics.

The lockdown has also been the opportunity to stop and create a new project in order to share positivity and beauty. Mixing fabrics and playing with the traditional British patterns, beautiful graphic illustrations were born.

“Facing the enormity of what was happening, after our initial silence on social networks, we understood that we had to resume with our vibrant contents full of colors and emotions, with our mood boards and inspirations”. Sara Molinaroli

Quarantine led Sara to rediscover her past as an illustrator in love with patterns and textures, she created Illutextiles, digital illustrations created using images and scans of fabrics. A sort of textile collage to recreate art masterpieces!

Every brand that Fabrics&Co. represents has been paired to an artist or an artistic period.

I have to say that it was love at first sight with Queen Elizabeth Tudor! As soon as I saw her I wrote to Sara and here we are talking about her wonderful illustrations!

Queen Elizabeth Tudor, illustration made with fabrics by Chelsea Textiles. Illutextiles/Fabrics&Co.

“Queen Elizabeth is the funniest and perhaps the best Illutextiles. I have always had a fondness for the ancient costume history!” Sara Molinaroli

Look how Chelsea Textiles’ embroideries and fabrics create the queen’s dress, the bustier, the sleeves and the wide skirt. I really like how the figure stands out from the background and how the details are very accurate.

“The Rêve” by Picasso is my favorite Illutextile! The James Malone Fabrics are inspired by scenography and costumes of Russian ballets. Picasso at that time worked on several Russian ballets productions, there could be no better pairing!

Le Rêve, Pablo Picasso. Illustration made with fabrics by James Malone Fabrics. Illutextiles/Fabrics&Co.

The Kiss, Gustav Klimt. Illustration made with fabrics by Kai Fabrics. Illutextiles/Fabrics&Co.

From the Acropolis of Athene friezes. Illustration made with fabrics by Lewis & Wood. Illutextiles/Fabrics&Co.

Milan Cathedral. Illustration made with fabrics by Lewis & Wood, Kai Fabrics, James Malone Fabrics, embroideries by Chelsea Textiles. Illutextiles/Fabrics&Co.

Illustrations by Sara Molinaroli/Fabrics&Co.