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From United States to Japan, from Australia to Sweden: embroidering is one of the most fashionable activities in the realm of Instagram. Do not think of the “old style” embroidery, here we talk about very modern decorations and patterns.

There are those who make figurative embroidery, real paintings, artists who use needle and thread as brushes, there are those who specialize in flowers, those in abstract patterns, fruits, 3D and even… ultrasound embroideries!

I can assure you that by the end of this post you will want to try it too! What do you need? Needle and colored threads.

22 Instagram profiles to follow for embroidery enthusiasts

Miss Katiuska, shop on-line

Lindsay @l.vandemaker for those who still do not know the punch needle technique!

Dearest Q, I’m in love with their fashion themed embroidery! Don’t miss the Etsy shop on-line!

Cappello a Bombetta, Serena is a dear friend of mine, blogger of CasaFacile magazine and a super super passionate of ironic embroidery!

DMC the most famous company specialized in embroidery threads and yarn since 1746! Don’t miss their online shop, you can also find lots of inspirations on their Instagram account!

Yumiko Higuchi, Japanese embroidery artist.

Becky Tilson, lots of llamas and very tender sloths!

Lauren Holton, embroidery artist, I love her flowers, interiors and landscapes.

Another embroidery artist, Chloe Amy Avery with her amazing technique!

Happy Cactus Designs with mini botanical and super colorful pattern.

Jodie Ruffle, fashion designer

Sarah K. Benning, I had already talked about her botanical embroidery here

Humayrah, hand embroidered metalwork insects and flowers. Shop on-line on Etsy.

From Chile Valentina Castillo realizes animal portraits on commission too!

Maria, Femme Broidery: Girl Power embroideries!

Veselka Bulkan, 3D botanical embroideries, I had already talked about her here. The news? Personalized ultrasound embroideries.

Mari Pori, she is a Ukrainian embroidery artist. Amazing copies of the most famous paintings in the history of art.

Lisa Smirnova, I dream of a shirt embroidered by her! I follow her with passion even if I do not understand anything about her captions in Russian!

Melidé girls create ironic embroideries on basic t-shirts. Beautiful!

Tessa Perlow, embroidery artist. Shop on-line su Etsy.

Paulina Bartnik, her birdy embroidered brooches have become very famous on the web, I’ve already told you about them here.

What are your favorite Instagram account about embroidery? Leave your favorite here in the comments!