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The Ikea Summer Festival begins today, a week full of 100% digital events, created by Ikea in collaboration with CasaFacile.

I will be the honored godmother/tour guide of the Festival and I will take you among beautiful settings and lots of content about how to bring a splash of summer into the house.

The Ikea Summer Festival is a 100% digital event that will take place on the Instagram and Facebook pages of Ikea and CasaFacile. Every day, from 29 June to 5 July 2020, we will tell you how to bring the summer atmosphere into the home through stories, IGTV videos, and Instagram lives!

You cannot imagine how happy and proud to be able to say to you: “Welcome to the Ikea Summer Festival”! Throughout the week I will be a bit of a guide between appointments and events, I will be a little your cicerone, a little Pippo Baudo and a little Blue Fairy, I will take you between stories, IGTV videos, and Instagram lives. We will tell you how to bring summer into the house through beautiful settings and original ideas.

Would you like a preview? Take the expertise of the Swedes’ summer parties and mix them with the creativity of CasaFacile: don’t miss the Ikea Summer Festival! Plus… it will be fun to see how I how agitated I can be and there will also be a real challenge: 13 changes of clothes without being able to put on any striped shirt!

On the CasaFacile website, you will find all the details: CasaFacile invites you to the IKEA Summer Festival

During the quarantine, we understood how important it is to have a welcoming home, where we feel protected and comfortable. It’s time to transform our homes in order to live them at the best!

I can’t tell you how this adventure started, maybe from that phone call that almost didn’t seem real to me. Sometimes little magical things happen and you just have to say yes and be grateful for. If they had told me, I don’t say at the beginning of the blog, but even a few months ago, I wouldn’t have believed it, and here I am! Just to make you understand my love relationship with Ikea: there is an Ikea category on the blog! It was truly incredible to be able to work on such a project right from the beginning, to see it grow, become real and also being with my face in it, it was a really exciting and great satisfaction! I am really grateful to Ikea for the honor and, as always, to CasaFacile for trusting in me and always push me a little bit more out of my comfort zone! Thanks to them and thanks to you, because without you, I wouldn’t be here!