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Do you have an old frame found at a market or that great-aunt’s picture of which you want to keep only the frame? Turn it into a vertical garden of succulents!

This simple DIY combines plants and creative upcycling, how to create a green work of art at home, and give new life to an old frame. Succulent plants are great also for brown-thumbs!

Succulents need very little soil, little water, and little space, for this reason, they grow very well cultivated in many different ways: some times ago I used them transforming an old coffee pot and a small watering can, today we use succulents to make a real work of art that deserves to be framed!

This is a simple DIY that just requires some time and patience because once finished, the plants will need a few weeks “horizontally” to be able to root well and then be hung on the wall. Patience is definitely another thing that plants teach us!

Find the whole step by step tutorial on the Curver blog.
Here you can find my extra tips to make it easy!

10 tips to create a vertical succulent frame DIY:

1. Choose a frame that is not too large or keep in mind that the bigger the frame is, the more plants and time you will need to complete your green work of art.

2. Choose small plants, the final effect will be more beautiful! Of course, you will need a bigger amount of succulents, but the result will be more spectacular.

3. You can use all kinds of succulents but make it simple and choose succulents without thorns.

4. Do you want to use succulent plants with thorns? Handle them protecting yourself with a newspaper or piece of a kitchen paper.

5. Choose a frame with a little depth, in this way you will not have to build an external structure to expand the space for the soil.

6. Mix plants of different types and colors to make your composition more various.

7. Add some cascading plants, they will add a nice touch to your succulent vertical frame!

8. Never mind if you’ll break several leaves, you can easily propagate them later and you’ll have many more plants!

9. When removing the succulent from the pot try to divide the roots in order to obtain single plants.

10. Once the frame is completed, remember to keep it in a horizontal position for 3/4 weeks, this will allow roots to grow and bond to the soil. 


Blog post in collaboration with Curver.