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Do you love do-it-yourself projects and design? This diy is perfect for you because it combines both!

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram o Twitter you already know, last week I was invited to the Leroy Merlin Design Lab to create Giardino Privato, the vessel designed by the talented designer Eleonora Musca.eleonora-musca-designer-leroy-merlin

Online on the Leroy Merlin community you can read all about how was our workshops and a small interview with the designer who has guided us in the diy project. I think that this project is simply beautiful: copper, concrete and glass combine perfectly together and they are exactly the most trend materials of the moment!

I like very much that I can decide to put inside just one or a bunch of flowers and even decide how to arrange the copper pipes.

p.s.: are you afraid of the moment when you’ll have to cut copper pipes? I have great news for you: there is a “magic” tool that allow you easily clean cuts without effort!tagliatubi

Would you like to realize this vase diy?
Giardino Privato is one of the projects developed by Leroy Merlin in collaboration with SlowD, a community that supports Italian crafters and designers. 5 projects of designers turned into do-it-yourself recipes!
On the dedicated Design Lab page you will find all the materials (you can also buy them on-line) and full instructions with video.

It’s your turn now!
vaso-fai-da-te-3 vaso-fai-da-te-2