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Sunday March 26 will be a special anniversary: 87 years ago Guglielmo Marconi, aboard the Elettra ship anchored in thePortofino bay, switched on the lights of the Sydney Expo!

I’ve been in Portofino a million times but I never noticed the memorial plaque of that day on the side wall of the St. George Church.portofino-8 portofino-5 Guglielmo Marconi Portofino Esposizione Universale Sidneyportofino-7

It was 1930 and 22,000 kilometers away, just “pushing a button” (by radio signal) Marconi turned on the lights of the town hall of Sidney.
Guglielmo Marconi


The Elettra ship from where Marconi made the experiment in 1930


Another amazing thing? There is an original video of that day:

On Sunday, at least for a moment, let’s try to remember how “miraculous” technology is and all the people who made it possible!