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If you are a DIY enthusiast and you are planning a trip to the United States, here is the place where you have to go: Michaels, the arts and crafts retail chain that will make you lose your mind.

With 1.262 stores between the United States and Canada you can find Michaels practically everywhere in North America. We are talking about real megastores (about 1.700 square meters of selling space!) with over 40.000 different products.
Here you will find (at really good prices!) everything you need for any décor and do-it-yourself projects you can have.

Imagine aisles of yarns, beads, artificial flowers, baskets, every tool and accessory you can need, aisles of stamps, stickers, colors, cards, glues, brushes…
Let’s just say that only Tokyu Hands stunned me like that!

To get an idea of the variety of products look at the Michaels website, there is also a gallery of DIY projects where you can find inspirations!

I took these pictures at a Michaels store in Uniontown, Pennsylvania while we were going to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water!

You can find Michaels stores all over the United States, even in New York, 675 Avenue of the Americas, really near the Flatiron Building, in Manhattan!

Traveling is discovering new places and getting “local” experiences, isn’t it? Visiting Michaels you can have both!