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We have to admit that Ikea is democratic: it allowed all of us (and the rest of the world!) to furnish a modern-style home at modest prices. It was the first to export the Nordic taste and sobriety of white and birch wood everywhere.

This being democratic and affordable for everyone, however, has a flaw… our homes have all become identical!
How many of us have a Kivik sofa? Come on, who does not have at least one Bestå furniture at home? Lack? Billy? Godmorgon? Ivar?

Often happens to go to friend’s home and find there the same sofa, the same kitchen, the same sideboard… of course, we feel at home, but there is also a bit of weird feeling.

Here is a quick and cheap way to customize Ikea furniture: Prettypegs is a Swedish company that offers the possibility to change legs, knobs and fronts to furniture, tables, beds, sofas, footstools… In few minutes it will be hard to recognize the old iconic Ikea piece of furniture!

Have a look here:

Are you tired of your Bestå? Just change fronts, legs and knobs and it will become a very modern piece of furniture that you will be hardly recognized!

Prettypegs fronts are not actually true doors, they are adhesive front layers that you will apply to the old fronts.

Legs can help you to change the style of sofas, furniture, beds, ottomans, tables and coffee tables. You can also have fun changing the height of the furniture! Do you have an Ivar lean on the floor? Transform it adding legs!

Your olda Kivik sofa will never be the same with a golden touch!

Knobs are my favorite detail: wooden, colored or steel. Just screw them into the front to change the look of the furniture!
I love this idea to use knobs as hooks: If you do not find the exact color you need, on Prettypegs you will also find natural wooden legs and knobs that you can paint as you wish!

Can you guess what Ikea furniture I’m going to hack for our home makeover?