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Ikea furniture are going to have a second life! In January at the Ikea store in Spreitenbach, near Zurich, Switzerland, will start the Second Life experiment: it will be possible bring back the old Ikea furniture (in good condition and complete of each part), they will be valued up to 60 % of the original price. You’ll receive no money but voucher for new shopping at Ikea.

Second hand furniture will then be sold at discounted prices in a special shop area. You will be able to sell/buy cabinets, bookcases, drawers, sideboards, tables, chairs, armchairs, office furniture and beds.

The experimentation will initially last 3 months, if everything goes to the best, we could soon see it expanding in other Countries too!
Old furniture for some can become the new one of others: recycling, reusing and saving!