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Dear Ikea, I did not expect this from you. We have always supported, promoted and loved you. How could you do this to us? We trusted you, and now? You left us.

In 2014, Ikea changed the kitchen model, from Faktum system they passed to Metod. At the time I didn’t worry about it.

When we got married, we almost furnished our entire home at Ikea, the one and only that made a dream come true with a small budget. In 2011 we bought our first kitchen, Faktum model, Abstract cabinets. 25 years guarantee, no surprises expected.


At the bottom of my heart, I knew that our love story could not last forever, but I honestly didn’t think it would happen so fast. 3 years later Ikea changed their kitchen model. Faktum was retired and they introduced Metod. But why I am so upset?

Everything began when we started thinking about changing/modifying our kitchen during the home restyling. We have figured out a different arrangement of the spaces inside cabinets. It seemed simple: we should add few shelves and replace the removable baskets… easy peasy until we realized that Faktum measures do not correspond to the new ones of Metod.

We went to Ikea and we asked “where can we find shelves and organizers for the old kitchen model?” a kind smile told us that Faktum products are no longer available.

Dear Ikea, after so many years of love without a fight (not even during exhausting marathons of assembly! … An engineer at home really saves your life in many occasions!) I did not expect you would have left us in this way!
Shelves and interior accessories for Metod kitchens are not compatible with old structures. The advice we have received is to try looking for them on the internet.

My 25-years warranty is still valid but this doesn’t mean any assistance if I need a simple shelf. I could turn to a carpenter but I already imagine his laugh when I try to explain the problem.

Owners of “old” Faktum kitchens, let’s stay together and stand up for our rights to have shelves and accessories at least for the 25-year guarantee!

Photos are from 2014 when our home was published in the “Ikea Live” magazine… I’ve told you, it was love!