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Browsing the new Ikea catalog is a late summer ritual, when you come back home full of good intentions and desire of big changes. Among the pages of the catalog there are not only new and beautiful products but also very good home solutions!

Ikea stylists are great at creating perfect interiors by mixing furnishings and adding details. Observe photos carefully and find your favorite décor ideas.


My favorite 13 ideas from Ikea new 2018 catalog:

This photo is full of details:

  • two-color painted wall – boiserie effect
  • the black and yellow tape makes another boiserie effect
  • do you want to “hide” something in the wall? Paint it in the same color of the wall, it will disappear like the blue and pink stool hanging on the right!

The tape continues not only on the wall but also on the shelf make it part of it.

Two flip tables together offer a great surface to eat with family and friends but also to work. Close them and you’ll have plenty of space!

Typical desk lamps are now in the kitchen and become perfect wall lights.

Add a thin mattress over yours, a very typical Nordic tradition. The simplest (and economical) solution for sleeping perfectly. I already tried it’s guaranteed! And if you will not be happy with the new Ikea mattress, you have 90 days to bring it back!

Perfect order to make the most of space: the bike? Hang it with the Skräll hook (€2,50).

You don’t need walls to divide space: furniture can arrange and organize areas with different uses!

Would you like a bridge bookcase? Do-it-yourself with a super-cheap solution: two Billy bookcases (€ 94,90) and simple Ekby Järpen shelves (€ 45,98)!

Lower kitchen cabinets (Bodbyn kitchen) become a bench with a simple mattress and pillows. Very nice idea! They contain and you can sit on them during dinners with friends!

Even the space beneath the shelves has not to be wasted: hang hooks and the brackets of the shelves become drawing tube holders. The perfect solution in a craft studio corner!

This is a beautiful idea for bathrooms: no under sink cabinets, hold the sink with simple brackets – all in the same color – and simple wooden shelves! Temporary (and cheap) solutions can also be very décor!

And what are your favorite solutions spotted in the new Ikea catalog?

Photo Ikea