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We already talked about the new Ikea 2018 catalogue and we will talk about it soon again. But today I want to tell you the beautiful and fun idea they had.

Every year at the end of the Summer there is always a great expectation for the new catalogue and many of them are stolen from the mailbox, from the office desk or even at home. You give it to your mom and it won’t be back. Your friend who has to buy the kitchen asks you and there, it disappeared!
In Ikea they are always committed to finding new solutions to make life simpler (except when it comes to assembly instructions eh…) and so here’s the solution to avoid the theft of catalogues: fake covers to “hide” the identity of the Ikea catalogue!

In few seconds your catalogue will turn into a tedious magazine of spoons or about taxidermy… but there are also “Shepherd dogs”, “I create teddy bears”, “Super karate”… super funny! No one will steal your catalog anymore!

Where do you find them? Initially you could order the catalog with your favorite cover (genius!) but covers went quickly sold out and now you can download them from the Ikea website.

What is your favorite? Mine is “Taxidermy today” but also “Passion Knives” is wonderful!

Well done Ikea, what a fun idea!

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