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The Pampas grass or Cortaderia is a plant that comes from South America (from the Pampas) and is conquering the realms of Pinterest and Instagram.

Probably you’ve noticed that lately ‘feathered’ compositions have appeared in weddings, photo shoots, Nordic interiors…
The plumed and vaporous flowers of the Pampas grass can create incredible and scenographic effects.

The awesome composition by Mary Lennox for Our Food Stories. Photo and Styling Laura Muthesius & Nora Eisermann.

Photo Jenkay via My Domaine

The floral installation for the Dalani-becoming-Westwing party. Photo Francesca Cinà – My Way.

At first I underestimated it. I remember this plant in my grandmother’s garden and large pots with dried Pampas grass at aunt’s house… now it’s the favorite plant of interior stylists and fashion victims!

You will be pleased to know that Cortaderia is also a very easy plant to grow: rustic and resistant, it does not fear the winter cold, it can grow more than three meters high and blooms in autumn when other plants lose leaves. There is just one side effect: it is a graminaceous plant.
Having a husband who is super allergic to graminaceous, the grass of Pampas will remain an off-limits plant for me… if you will ever see a “feathered” composition on my Instagram (even just one flower…) you could easily guess my intentions!