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Last week in Milan has opened a new place-to-be, a real stargate that will transport you directly to Tokyo!

Tenhoa, in via Vigevano 18, it is a multifunctional space, you can come here during the entire day and you will find:

  • a concept store where buy design and traditional Japanese craft (there are wonderful plates and tableware!)
    Everyday 10.30-20.30
  • a Japanese restaurant with a seated area that reminds traditional way to sit: seiza with very low tables and tatami cushions.
    Everyday 9-24
  • a café that combines Japanese and Italian traditions. You can eat inside and also in the outdoor courtyard. The perfect place for an aperitivo!
    Everyday 9-24
  • a 430mq coworking space open everyday where you can work and have meetings.
    Everyday 9-19
  • Event area: 1.100mq for private events but also exhibitions and installations.
  • pop-up place

In Japanese “te” means hands while “ha” means leaves, Tenhoa is a metaphor from trees and leaves, through a place where you can get involved and create new synergies and interaction.

Now all I have to do is go there and see it in person!
One last thing? At Tenhoa you will also find a good selection of Japanese magazines such as the very popular Popeye, if you do not know what I’m talking about, go immediately in via Vigevano and find it out!