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Some time ago I had the pleasure of visiting and discovering the Istituto Marangoni Design School, among the most important school in Milan and Italy, many students come here to study from all over the world.
The location is pretty awesome entirely designed by Giulio Cappellini, located in the central via Cerva, a few steps from the Duomo of Milan and from via Durini, where all the big design brands have their showrooms.

During my visit there I met Yuetong Shi, a very shy young designer from China. A few words from her were enough to attract my attention with projects that left me speechless! In particular, I was absolutely fascinated by her trend book, a (giant) book with 2020 trends, a beautiful a very interesting research that tell also about nature, resilience and our “supernatural future”. There are agencies that do this kind of job, I was really impressed to find such a beautiful research (entirely handmade with also some tactile parts, you don’t have just to read it but also touch!) made for a school project.

Where does the inspiration come from?

Objects can have a soul and tell beautiful stories: this is Be-Ever, a Yuetong’s project that starts from a very personal consideration to design an imaginary collection of rugs for the Jaipur Rugs company (school project):

Yuetong is from China and came to Milan to study design at the Istituto Marangoni 5 years ago where she graduated in Visual Design and then had a master in Surface and Textile Design. She is one of the Prisma Project, the school’s projects that bring together the most talented alumni .
Yuetong is super shy but I managed to get a mini interview with here:

D. What did drive you here in Italy? Why did you choose to study at Istituto Marangoni?

R. The decision of studying abroad was mainly because I wanted to experience different culture and different way of living. Italy is famous for its art and design, so when I decided my academic direction it came to my mind naturally. Actually I chose the country and city first, then the school, and Istituto Marangoni has a good reputation.

D. What does it means for you study here in Italy?

R. It means exhibitions with good quality, Salone del Mobile once a year, cool design brands around, generally good design vibe and so on.
It means missing Asian food everyday.

D. There is something that you imagined about living in Milan that is so far away from how it is in reality?

R.Yes, Milan is a city that’s not so friendly to English speakers.

D. Speaking of work, what is your big dream for the future?

R. I want to do interesting projects that I would feel happy about.

D. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

R.Instead of settling down in one place, probably I’ll be on the way to somewhere?

D. How did you realize your book of trends?

R. Research, comprehend, filter, organise, rephrase, summarise, manipulate. I did the research mostly online, but I also checked out exhibitions and magazines. Research phase was about one month, of course in the same time we had other projects to do.

D. Can you tell me one macro trend for the 2020?

R. As I depicted in my trend book, we’re living in the Anthropocene. The nature is being re-engineered by human. Humankind used to take the materials of nature offered and make them into something new. Now, there’s a new stage in the cycle, as nature takes human materials and transforms them once more. 

D. What is the best thing you are learning/learned at the Istituto Marangoni?

R. Less is more.

D. What do you like to do when you are not studying/working?

R. Sleeping, gaming and watching movies. Travelling of course when there’s a longer vacation.


I tell you, write down the name of Yuetong, we will hear about her!


Immagini e progetti Youetong Shi © Grazie a Yuetong per l’intervista e per avermi fatto pubblicare qualche scatto dei suoi bellissimi progetti.