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The perfect way to start today’s post would be with the most classic “Once upon a time…”
Let’s go back to 2009, maybe even 2008, when I was working in an auction house in Milan.
By pure chance I came across a small article on Glamour magazine (newspaper that I used to buy only at the airport on my way to Malta) about a project of some young Austrian designers that in some way moved something inside my heart.

They were stools designed by the Breaded Escalope design studio (do you know what it means? “Cotoletta” or “schnitzel”, perfect name for a Milanese like me and also for the Austrian designers!) made with a very original process, a mix of performance art and design.

I tore up the page and I took it it to the auction house where I worked as a proposal for an event during the Fuorisalone (already my love also at that time!). The thing obviously did not work out. I remember that a colleague of mine also asked me “why do you care so much?” and I found myself thinking that I cared about it, that I wanted to share this project that fascinated me and made me smile!

I was sure that piece of paper had been lost and I got puzzled for years trying to remember the name of the designers until yesterday, while I was clearing out my bedroom at my parents’ house! Finally we’ve met again! Here is the historical evidence:

I think I will frame this article, to remind myself of that day where I sensed what should have been my way!

Today, after almost 10 years, I realize how the desire that led me to open Gucki in 2013 was already there in 2009. A desire to share and tell what I like and what I find interesting. And so 10 years later, here we are! I will tell you about Original Stool di Breaded Escalope.

The project is the creation of unique piece stools thanks to a silicone mold enclosed in a sphere. The mix of resins solidifies and takes always different and original shapes thanks to the rotation of the sphere. A sort of artistic performance in which I found, with my Art History Bachelor degree with two theses dedicated to the Arte Povera, the Pistoletto’s performance with the “Newspaper Sphere”. The young Austrian designers pushed the mold through the streets of Vienna, in the ocean, left it at the mercy of streams of torrents, down snowy slopes… each time with unpredictable, unique and different results. The beauty of randomness!

I hope that this story has fascinated you too, finding this piece of paper from the past has certainly made me smile and reminded me of the value, beauty and power of being passionate. Today, as never before, I am happy with the unexpected direction that my life has taken.
I am very curious to discover what there’s next on the steps that destiny is saving for me!
In the meantime, as someone said … stay foolish and believe in your dreams!