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This is a pretty epic moment: we finally start our home renovation! 

We did so many projects and we’ve taken hard choices to decide the new color palette.
We are changing from total-white walls to great colors, bold and cold – to contrast the red tones of the parquet.

When you start a home renovation there is always a mixture of excitement and fear, this is the moment when all the projects and fantasies become reality. From theory to practise!

Changing from total-white to colored wall is a big change but I felt a real thrill at the first hammer blow that will let us to have a new light on the ceiling over the table.
I always wondered why when they built our house, the architect only provided wall lights and not even one ceiling lights.

Here we are! After so many dreams and projects, thoughts and decisions, our fantasies (and hopes) will become reality.

First actors on stage are the bricklayer and the painter. First they break, then they paint!

I can not wait to see the final result!