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Do you know that there are special paints that can almost reproduce almost any effect? They can turn a wood or a regular wall into everything you want: metal, concrete, stone, corten, chalkboard … they can create special effects such as fluorescence and even perfume the home and even be electric!

Paints with special effects:

Chalkboard paint

You can find it in traditional black or in white colour. Pinterest is the perfect place to spot inspiration about how to use chalkboard paint!

Corten effect

Among paints with metallic effect my favorite is the corten. With just a paint brush a wooden furniture can be turned into metal!

Magnetic paint

You can turn a regular wall into a magnetic panel to attach your magnet collection!  Imagine how it could turn well to create your own moodboards…

Washable paint

New washable paintings are perfect with kids in order to avoid scratches and wall dirty!

Read more about Framaton seta by Chrèon and Alpha Rezisto by Sikkens.

Phosphorescent paint

During the day it absorbs light and in the darkness it lights up! Perfect for use in a kids bedroom for some “magic” effect and to shoo away the fear of the dark!


I had seen it during the Fuorisalone 2016 at the Royal Academy of Art of the Hague exhibition “A passing space” by Majda Vidakovic & Lorena van Bunningen and I immediately loved the idea: latex can be laid out as paint and thanks to its elasticity it gives you infinite possibilities!

“A passing space” by Majda Vidakovic & Lorena van Bunningen

Metal effect paint

You won’t be able to recognize if it’s real metal or not.  Your perception of materials will be perfectly deceived!

Watch the video by Lechler: “The way of gold”, Fuorisalone 2o16

Velvet effect

With these special paints there are no limits to fantasy and then why not turn a banal surface into a velvet (or even silk) wall?

Eggshell paint

Matte and ideal for any surface: walls, wood and even metal.

Iridescent paint

Why choose a single color when you can have an iridescent effect? Be careful just small touches! It can easily turn into a “too much” effect!

Stone or concrete effect

There are paints (and even better resins) that can simulate the material surface then a regular wooden floor can turn into stone, rock, granite, sand and even concrete!

Scented paint

There are paint fragrance additive that, added to the paint before application, make the home smell fragrant.

In questo articolo di CasaFacile trovate tutte le informazioni

Electric paint

This is crazy: it’s Bare Paint and it was created in collaboration with the London Royal College of Art students. You can make interactive projects using Electric Paint!

Anti smog paint

It’s name is Airlite and it works like the photosynthesis of plants: the light promotes a chemical reaction capable of ‘eating’ pollution. This special powder (this paint is not liquid) promises that with a 100-square-foot surface can reduce air pollution as much as a 100-square-foot area covered by tall trees.

Thermosensitive paint

There are paints and resins that react with heat: imagine a floor of the kids room painted with a thermosensitive paint, the footprints would create always different decorations! … on kitchen cabinets you will have fingerprints of the one who always finish cookies!

Photovoltaic paint

One day it will probably replace the solar panels: Photon Inside is a paint that can be laid on any surface! The paint consists of five thin layers (less than 1 micron thick): the first adheres to the wall, the second and the fourth are composed of electrically conductive material, the third absorbs the photons and converts them into electricity, the fifth encapsulates the other layers. Right now (it’s been a while since it was invented) is still a prototype but the research might surprise us!

Which paint has surprised you more?



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