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As you already know, we are going to redecorate our home, we are handling color palette, materials, textures and patterns… great changes are coming! Little by little I will tell you everything.
But what are the steps to do when you start decorating?

Whether you are going to decorate just one room or the whole house, to make the right choices you must have clear inspiration. Colors have to work together, not just in nuance, contrasts are fine, but they have to be perfectly balanced.
Once you define your color palette is time to match materials.

Colors and materials have to come together in the perfect mix.
It’s time to transform the inspiration into real objects: patterns turn into tiles and textiles, the velvet sample you love becomes a sofa and colors turn in walls, rugs, pillows, furniture… This is the magic, inspiration transforms into real objects that together must give the same flavor and atmosphere that fascinated you at the beginning of all the research work.

4 examples of how inspiration becomes moodboard and then reality!

There are those who have favorite singers or actors, my Brangelina are Jeff and Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY. I follow their stories on Instagram as of my favorite TV show. They expanded the family in March, Jeff and Kelly adopted little Arlo and (with their chihuahua Bella) they need to have more space so they bought a new house in Los Angeles. Now is time to decorate it and they are really good at telling it step by step. Now we can follow their decorating adventures even on the HGTV website and their Instagram stories. You can’t miss any longer #themindwelling updates (do we’ll have to find a hashtag too? Do you have any suggestions?)!
This is the color palette and materials they have chosen for their home. Once again Kelly amazes and fascinates me for her consistency, I could see this moodboard on Pinterest and I’ld immediately recognized Studio DIY fingerprint! So if the goal is to find our own style I think Kelly and Jeff have it hit the target perfectly!

Another interior crush of mine is Bright Bazaar, Will is English but now lives in New York and with his partner has just bought a house in the Hamptons – basically if you live in Manhattan and you do not have a vacation home there you are nothing – and here’s the inspiration for the new kitchen in the shades of the sea (and the Nespresso capsules…).

Bri from Design Love Fest transformed her patio in Los Angeles into an Instagram paradise. That’s where inspiration started and how she turned it into reality!

And then comes Emily Henderson, I love her! Here is the inspiration moodboard that led the transformation of her dining area. Another great job of her!

And you? Have you ever made an inspirational moodboard before decorating?


Cover photo with fabulous Linara fabrics by Romo.