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Where do you start to decorate a room or a whole house? How the creative process works? Everything starts from an inspiration, a vision. The moodboard keep together all the details: colors, materials, inspirations. A real guide for the whole project. The elements must work together, like in an orchestra, instruments play together in harmony creating the perfect melody.

I spotted these awesome material moodboards on Instagram and I immediately fell in love. This is how I discovered the Studio David Thulstrup, an architecture, interior and design practice based in Copenhagen. Their portfolio includes international projects for private and commercial clients. They are focused on materials, they literally have a “material library” and for every project they create an inspirational moodboard with colors and materials. 

moodboard-materials_Studio David Thulstrup-4 Studio David Thulstrup moodboard-materials-3

These mood boards express the essence of the project, they are true works of art, beautiful to see and full of inspiration. I would love to see them printed and hung inside the interior they designed. You would have the inspiration up to the completed project.

Studio David Thulstrup BLOW_9

Blow project. Photographer Peter Krasilnikoff

Studio David Thulstrup BLOW_4

Blow project. Photographer Peter Krasilnikoff

Following the curiosity that always distinguish me, I’ve contacted the Studio David Thulstrup and this is our very interesting interview:

Q. How much these mood boards are important in a project?

A. Mood boards are a really important part of our creative process here at Studio David Thulstrup. We work with materials, colours and shapes for projects every single day, and the mood boards are an essential part of communicating our ideas and concepts to clients and also to our fellow colleagues.

Q. At what moment of the project do you create the material mood board?

A. Mood boards are something that we develop very early on in the process of a project after studying the brief and conducting initial research, and they keep evolving until they’re just right. The process also usually involves meetings with different suppliers and ordering materials which we could see as interesting to the concept. It’s all about exploring what is new and appropriate to the concept.

Studio David Thulstrup-moodboard-materials-6 Studio David Thulstrup-moodboard-materials

Q. Frequently in your mood boards there is a natural element such as a leaf or a flower. How much is important the Nature in your projects?

A. This is true. Sometimes the leaf or flower actually relates to the site of the project, at other times it is about representing a story or season and this is a finishing element.
We are also taking a new direction with the mood boards right now and trying to communicate how sustainable and green materials don’t necessarily need to be that predictably ‘green’ in their appearance. We are working with many amazing suppliers who are developing materials with the highest sustainability ratings – while staying true to a stunning aesthetic appearance. We find the implementation of these materials really exciting.

Q. Can we find a sort of distinctive characteristic in your studio’s project?

A. Materials are a big part of our studio’s DNA – we focus on them a lot! It’s a natural part of our work, and we are very proud that our material library is getting bigger and better each week. There is always something new to investigate and new inspiration to draw on for projects, which we believe keeps us progressive. But there is also a Scandinavian stylistic/minimal approach to our shape language which is characteristic and then the international input comes into play in our choice of materials and how we work with mixing these into a contemporary result.


Studio David Thulstrup. Photo Hans Petter Smeby

Studio David Thulstrup

Studio David Thulstrup. Photo Hans Petter Smeby

Q. What is the biggest interior trend of moment? Do you like it?

A. One of the biggest trends that we are seeing – especially in retail interiors is all the metallic and glossy surfaces. A few years ago it was brass and copper objects but certainly there is now a focus on silver and gold as a covering for interior surfaces – think wall panels, ceilings and staircases. We really like it!

Q. What do you think could be the next one?

A. We feel that probably the design reigns will soon to be taken by the clean, German wave eg Grcic, Stephan Diez, New Tendancy, Haw Lin etc. Monochrome and colour-matching interiors à la the pale interiors of the 1980’s will also be a trend to watch.

Q. What is the most contemporary material?

A. Sustainable materials of all sorts and fantastically nerdy materials like the worlds lightest metal!

Q. What is the color of the moment?

A. There is a few for us at the moment – and so good they marry together so well! Raspberry, rose, golden mustard and green of all shades.

Studio David Thulstrup-moodboard-materials- 7 Studio David Thulstrup-moodboard-materials-5

Pink and yellow… my passion! What a wonderful interview, don’t you think? There is so much to think about. Discover and anticipating new trends, colours… The design world is really fascinating!