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After Rose Quartz, Pantone color 2016, and the Millenial Pink that I hope it will stay with us forever, Heart Wood is the new shade of pink for 2018: a more mature and warm color.

Heart Wood is the color selected for 2018 by ColourFutures (Sikkens color code B5.05.52), it contains shades of pink and gray. Its warm tone reminds wooden surfaces, soft leather and terracotta shades.

Heart Wood matches easily with shades of blue, but also with raspberry, ochre, gray, green and yellow touches: ColourFutures offers four palettes in different shades to go with the color of the year meeting everyone’s tastes.

How do they choose the color of the year?

The Global Aesthetic Center in Nederlands brings together a team of experts from all over the world, color designers, designers, architects, professors, art directors and stylist who supervise and studies new trends and translate them in one color.

Making the choice is very difficult, they need to know what color the people will want in their homes and how this will shape in accessories and trends. They have to be always a step forward and perceive future consumers needs, Charles Eames said that a designer is a good host who anticipates the needs of his guests.

As you see in these palettes, a color does not disappear at the end of December 31. Do you remember Denim Blue from last year? Here it goes back to the new Heart Wood 2018! Color trends are like long waves: they are ‘discovered’ by experts, poured on design products, noticed in specialized magazines and when they finally arrive in our homes the wave is already arriving on the beach. While we start our lives with them the experts are already back to work searching the new color trend.

Qual è la palette che vi piace di più?


Foto ColourFutures 2018 – Sikkens