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In Japan houses are very small, space is really precious, in Italy we have a proverb that says that need sharpen your wits. Maybe this is the reason why in Japan you cand find Marie Kondo and her Konmari method and very smart systems and accessories that allow you take advantage of every inch!

A few days ago I discovered Yamazaki Home, a Japanese company specialized in accessories to keep the house (and the office) very tidy and organized.

As I always say, the Japanese are the “Scandinavians” of Asia, and here we can find confirmation: super minimal household items for every room, lots of white, natural wood and a splash of black.

Minimal aesthetics and functionality! Their intent is to create simple and smart objects.
Yamazaki is a company born in Japan over 100 years ago as a manufacturer of ironing boards, today they produce various household items to make your life easier and your home organized! There are accessories that you don’t even know the existence but that you will immediately need. How much nicer and tidier would be bananas on a banana holder?!

Honorable mention to the section of magnetic accessories for the kitchen, entrance and laundry! There are shelves and organizers that you can just hang on the side of the fridge or washing machine to make the most of those surfaces that usually are underutilized space!
I believe that in Japan have metal doors because many accessories are designed for them.

I also have excellent news: Yamazaki has announced for 2020 the opening of a German hub for all European shipping. In the meantime we can buy it on Amazon!