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Happy Monday, what did you do last weekend? I have to admit… I studied and dreamed about Japan reading guides and books to be ready for the trip: next week we’ll fly to Tokyo!

I reread the book A Geek in Japan, if you love Japan you can’t miss it. Hector Garcia will introduce you in the traditional, manga and “otaku” culture with so many information and good to know things.

On our next trip we will dive again in Tokyo’s frenzy, it’s the third time we go to Japan and it’s definitely not the last one!

In my to-do list, in addition to places and districts to visit, there are a lot of stores. The shopping experience in Japan is really unmissable!


Do you know that you can experience a little of Japanese atmosphere even without doing 12 hours flight? Just enter in a Muji store!
In these days, with head almost in Tokyo, Muji sent me a very nice surprise: the beads sofa, even in pink color! I love it!

So I found out that the beads sofa is among the best seller items of Muji, you can relax and read a good book or get a nap!

What do I like most? It wraps you and takes the shape you want!
The Japanese design is absolutely recognizable here: minimal shape, hyper-functional and it takes little space, you know, in Japan houses are really small and often the same room has to fulfill several functions: the living room can be transformed into bedroom!

I have the pink beads sofa since just one day and we already are inseparable, it follows me everywhere: on the balcony, in the living room… it’s too comfortable!Muji-pouf-gucki-18


Muji-pouf-gucki-20poltrona-sacco-mujiMuji-pouf-gucki-16 Muji-pouf-gucki-24

Good news: until May 30, in all Muji stores and on the online store, you will find the beads sofa with 30% discount!


Do you remember the “Gucki” t-shirt? I made it at Muji!