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The Chelsea Flower Show is the most important event in the world dedicated to plants and flowers and is taking place starting from today, 23rd May, until Saturday 27th in London.

Among the oldest and most frequented, the Chelsea Flower Show is organized annually by the Royal Horticultural Society at Royal Chelsea Hospital, in central London. The idea of a floral exhibition was born towards the beginning of the 19th century and the first Royal Horticultural Society Great Spring Show was held in 1862 at Kensington Gardens.


Gardening is in the British DNA and the Chelsea Flower Show is a such important event that Queen Elizabeth never misses!
a member of the royal family, Prince Harry, exhibited his own garden for the first time.


Photo Mirror, AFP/Getty

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Walking in any English garden you would be amazed by the ability of gardeners to create flowerbeds that seem “spontaneous”, they combine, mix and play with various plants and flowers since the 18th century when the “English garden” overshadowed the “Italian” geometric gardens. During Romanticism, the English garden was a place where nature was exciting and surprising.


Tivoli Gardens in a François Watteau’s painting (1758-1823)

giardino all'inglese villa reale di monza

Carolina Lose “Le Lac”, engraving, 1827 . The garden of Villa Reale di Monza was one of the first example of “English garden” in Italy.

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If you are in London or you’ll have a weekend there, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Chelsea Flower Show!