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Are you looking for a new TV series to chill on the sofa? Here are 10 for those who are passionate about architecture and design.

Netflix is an inexhaustible source of entertainment, movies, TV series, documentaries … my favorite are those dedicated to architecture, interiors and design.

“Binge-watching” means watching multiple episodes of a TV serie. I love it more than watching a movie! I am sure that some of these series that I recommend you will make you not to stop easily at the end of the episode!

10 TV series on Netflix for architecture and design enthusiasts:

The world’s most extraordinary homes

My favorite series! The English actress Caroline Quentin and architect Piers Taylor face a different theme in each episode showing 5 different houses and projects. There are episodes dedicated to tree houses, mountain houses, teco-friendly house… The second new series arrives on Netflix right today! I love it!

Grand Design

Another series that I love is presented by the British designer Kevin McCloud (super!). 18 series on TV since 1999. In each episode Kevin McCloud tells the story of a house, from the project to its realization by following (over the years!) the construction, budget and contingencies. It is wonderful discover stories and find out the reason why people decide to build a house, sometimes with their own hands, instead of buying it. You will want to do it too!

Abstract – The art of design

A series of 8 episodes dedicated to architects, photographers, designers, graphic designers and illustrators. Don’t miss the episode about the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels  and the one dedicated to Ilse Crawford.

Lego House – Home to the brick

Speaking of Bjarke Ingels, do not miss the documentary about the Lego House designed by him!

Stay here

It’s a new series: in every episode the designer Genevieve Gorder and the real estate expert Peter Lorimer help the owners to transform their apartments and then rent them for short periods. Basically a guide to how rent at best on Airbnb!

Amazing interiors

A curious series about apparently ordinary houses that hide truly eccentric interiors!

Escape to the continent

British people looking to start new lives in Europe: house hunting!

Two series just arrived on Netflix dedicated to gardening:

Love your garden

A sort of Extreme makeover focused on gardens. The team travel the U.K. turning garden into a green oasis for deserving families.

Big dreams – Small spaces

British journalist and presenter Monty Don helps green enthusiasts to plant and grow the gardens of their dreams. 

Big little lies

This one is not a serie about architecture or design but I recommend it for the beautiful interior and not only! It’s an award-winning TV series set in Monterey (Big Sur, California) with a stellar cast – Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Zoë Kravitz. In the second series there will also be Meryl Streep!
Just a bug: Big little lies is not on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Do you have other series on the subject to recommend?
Let me know your favorite!