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Menlo Park 1 Hacker Way is one of the most famous addresses of Silicon Valley in California: the Facebook headquarters!

This is me last Summer in Menlo Park!

For the expansion of his headquarter Facebook, here since 2011, called a real archistar: Frank Gehry!

Ghery is also the architect who designed the first campus, MPK20. MPK21 is an extension created with great attention to sustainability and functionality.
The two buildings are connected by a beautiful green area, a kind of a botanical garden. Green and natural light have a great impact on the project. There are no traditional offices but a circular space designed to reflect and impersonate the connection that Facebook has created on-line.

The heart of the building is an open-air square with restaurants, spaces to relax and amenities. The attention on the project is not only focused on employees well-being but of the entire community of Menlo Park (imagine how many employees are also residents!) for those they realized suspended cycle paths and a park.

Here you can find a nice video that explain well the entire project:

The giants tech of Silicon Valley create more and more beautiful buildings for their headquarters, they are worth an architectural tour!