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Microsoft Italia opened the new Microsoft House at the Feltrinelli Porta Volta. The American company has moved from the green campus in San Bovio (Peschiera Borromeo) to the center of Milan in the Herzog and de Meuron building.
feltrinelli porta volta

Dynamic, collaborative and functional spaces in the name of “New World of Work” reflect a different working model: the smart working.
7,500 square meters open space, no private offices, people will move into spaces as they need. The workplace will stimulate creativity and interaction.0 Piano Terra_Microsfot House_Reception 0 Piano terra_Microsoft House_Digital Class 1° piano Microsoft House_Envisioning Theater 5° piano Microsoft House_Living

This new concept comes from America (the first one was Google and companies in Silicon Valley where also comes Microfost) and this year’s Salone del Mobile will host Workplace 3.0, dedicated to the new way to think workplace.

It’s a real “workplace revolution”, workspaces are increasingly designed more as open space, without fixed locations and offering solutions for co-working. 1° piano_Microsoft House_Atelier 1° piano_Microsoft House_nature Hub 2° piano_Microsoft House_Sport Hub_1 5° piano_Microsoft House_Living_2 Microsoft House_Smartworking_2 Microsoft House_Smartworking_3 Microsoft House_Smartworking_4

Foto Microsoft Italia – Interior design DEGW