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The Variable balans is a true icon of Nordic design. Varier celebrates its 40 years with a monochromatic edition in 5 new super-trendy colors!

Since I became a mum I work from home. Being able to do it is a luxury but sometimes it translates into 24 hours at home with stairs to the bedroom as maximum movement. I love create things with my own hands, but most of the time I do my job by moving my fingers on the keyboard and sitting for hours at the computer. When Varier proposed me to collaborate for the 40 years of the Variable balans Chair, I was immediately intrigued: being able to move while sitting, a dream come true!

Yes, you read that right. The Variable balans chair was born in 1979 from the idea of the Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik. Since the 60s, they studied effects of long hours sitting at a desk on the spine. Peter Opsvik, studied ergonomic design in Germany and tried to combine physical well-being with design.
The Variable balans was born: minimal Nordic design with the perfect shape that offers the right ergonomic support for the back.

Chairs are useful but not suitable for spending too much time: our body is made for movement.
Sitting systems that encourage people to move are called “active sitting”. The innovative feature of the Variable balans is the opening angle between the torso and legs and the possibility to support the knees in a balanced rocking movement. For this reason it’s called “kneeling chair”.  In this way the spine unloads the weight in an optimal position, the body keeps itself in balance without using the muscles of the back. This prevents tensions in the back of the neck and it even strengthens abs! This position also improves blood circulation and breathing: better oxygenation, greater concentration, excellent combo for work!

If you’ve never tried the Variable balans it’s hard to imagine how it feels to sit on it. You are free to move, in absolute safety the chair follows you when you lean forward or backward and the back is free and light. Fantastic!
Everyone can find and invent his position.

Varier celebrates 40 years of the Variable balans with a new edition in 5 new colors presented at the Milan Design Week: oxide, ochre, glacier, fern, stone (a beautiful blue-gray).

It arrives in a flat pack (it is lighter than you can imagine) and, in the good Nordic tradition, you have to assemble it with an allen key. Super simple, Tobia helped me!

Do you like the new edition? What is your favorite color? For me choosing the color was the hardest part!

Post in collaboration with Varier celebrating 40 anni of Variable balans chair.