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Design goes to the theater: Tacchini brings on stage Objects, Stories the history of its design at the Teatro Arsenale in Milan. On 24th and 25th January, two free-entrance evenings will take the public to discover stories of design pieces, of those who designed them and of those who live with them.

On Thursday 24th and Friday 25th January it will be possible to take part in a special show at the Teatro Arsenale, via Cesare Correnti 11, Milan. Two free-entrance evenings – reservations: [email protected] – to discover a new way to tell about design, Tacchini company and its history.

Tacchini is an Italian company that made design a family issue since 1967. Objects, Stories is the chance to discover the story of the company that this year turns 52 years old through its design.

Have you ever thought about how much of our life the objects that surround us see? They become daily, silent and reliable companions. If they could speak they would tell their story from the moment of their design, but also the story of who lived with them.

A genuine experiment, which Tacchini has commissioned curator Davide Fabio Colaci to carry out, who affirms: “This experiment is an attempt to describe the symbiotic relationship between an object, a furniture product and the people who designed, manufactured and ultimately lived with it, telling the unprecedented life story of an object through the language of theatre. An aspect that the design world often finds hard to reveal”.

The teatro Arsenale has a tradition in experimental theater, with the direction of Marina Spreafico it will be set up with Tacchini’s furniture and actors will interact with the audience with short sketches that will tell about their and design stories.

If you are curious to take part in this event between experimental theater and design, book your seat writing to [email protected] (free entrance).


Photo cover Pietro Cocco per Tacchini