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Omoshiro Blocks are magic block notes that will leave you speechless! Only Japanese people could create such a thing of extreme delicacy (and patience)!

They look like simple notepads but using them, little by little they reveal outstanding paper sculpture!
“Omoshiro” in Japanese means “funny” but they are going to really amaze you!

Do not imagine a Samurai intent to carve them, they are made with laser cutting technology.
This is Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto, look at the details and even the delicacy of the leaves of the trees!

The Japanese are really great admirers and unbeatable stationery lovers!

These Omoshiroi blocks are conquering the web but at the moment they seem to be available only in Tokyu Hands in Osaka. You can follow the company on Instagram and see how many other amazing creations they sell! Are you wondering how much they cost? Starting at €29!

Photo Omoshiroi blocks via Spoon&Tamago