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Natural wood, lots of white, attention to light, minimal furniture, essential spaces, appreciation of a cup of tea, taking off your shoes before entering the house… what am I talking about? Nordic or Japanese style? Have you ever thought about it?
The Japanese are a bit like the Scandinavians of Asia. The two styles meet and match perfectly.

In the CasaFacile magazine May issue I tell you about Japandi, the mix of Japanese and Scandi style.

In Hakuba, a 3-hour from Tokyo ski resort in the Japanese mountains, opened the first Boutique Finn Juhl Design Hotel.
A hotel with only 6 rooms entirely furnished with pieces of design by Finn Juhl, one of the masters of the Nordic style.

Finn Juhl is one of the main historical Danish architects and designers who introduced Scandinavian design in the United States in the 1940s.

The Boutique Finn Juhl Design Hotel is the first hotel of its kind. Here Nordic design offers a special experience blending with nature and Japanese style.

Hakuba is also famous for the Onsen, natural spring pools, and for the mountain monkeys that you could see enjoying the hot water!