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Gardening is a real therapy: it is proven that reduces stress and gives physical and psychological benefits. And you do not need to have a green thumb, just a little ‘good will (and remember to water!).
Today, as never before, there is a widespread desire for a return to nature, an interest in the countryside and healthy, quality products.

Not everyone lives in the countryside or has a garden, but one of the main trends of the moment is the gardening on the balcony!

Fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs take the place of flowers and decorative plants even on terraces and balconies in the city. Do not think that you need a lot of space or a lot of land, it’s easier than you think!

In Conegliano (Treviso) Soira Bazzo and Filippo Santarossa, in 2012, had an idea:

I had two bare terraces and I had the idea of creating a small vegetable garden. I started to looking for the most suitable plants for growth in small spaces and I discovered that there were no commercially available. Soira Bazzo

They create Piccolo, a selection of 24 varieties of seeds rediscovered from old seed catalogs and specially designed for pot growth: compact, perfect for small spaces such as the balcony.
Vegetables, fruits, but also edible flowers and aromatic herbs, a vegetable garden not only good but also beautiful!

Every detail of the project has been studied, also the super-modern graphics: 24 small booklets, big as a chocolate bar, containing the seeds but also all the information and tips for cultivation, from the best period for sowing, to timing of growth, light and water needed, history and curiosity on the plant, medicinal properties and suggestions to use them in the kitchen.

Would you like to know what we’ve planted on the balcony? We have tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and wild strawberries and lots of aromatic herbs (I have a thing for the fragrant plants!).