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Flowers and flowers and flowers. Entering this flower shop (I already said flowers ?!) in Bologna is like taking a space-time leap in England in the 1950s.

Fresh flowers, dried flowers hanging upside down, colored ribbons and rolls of paper neatly hung on the wall ready to pack compositions and bouquets, botanical prints, vases, jars, colorful tiles and a wonderful wallpaper with Flemish flowers.

Water is essential for flowers, so why hide a sink? Here it becomes a precious copper decoration and takes prideful a place on the counter.
A small office corner is hidden behind a theatrical blue velvet curtain.

Oui Fleurs is a real floral boutique in Bologna (Via Andrea Costa 84/2) where Carolina, the owner, creates incredible and scented scenographies.
The restyling of the store has been curated by Studio Lido – Laboratore Innocenti Design Office – by the talented Ilaria Innocenti and Giorgio Laboratore.


Here you can’t be afraid of abundance, on the contrary, it immediately gives you the idea of the style and the spirit that animates the work in this floral boutique with unusual and stylish compositions.

Another address I have to add to my Bologna bucket list. The list is getting longer and longer, I have to organize a trip soon!

Photo Studio Lido – Oui Fleurs