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You’ve read it right, just outside Turin there is the most silent place in the world!
It is the largest anechoic chamber in Europe, in an industrial warehouse in Caselle Torinese, right next to the airport.

“Anechoic” means “absence of echo” and it’s a room entirely covered with sponge pyramid wedges that absorb electromagnetic waves, there is no reverberation. These rooms are used for experiments and for scientific measurements.

In particular, the largest anechoic chamber in the world is located within the Leonardo aircraft division where military planes and secret projects are built and tested.
We are talking about a room 20 meters high, 900 square meters, 18 thousand cubic meters of volume.

You’ll probably think I’m crazy but I would like a room like that (smaller, eh ?!) at home. I adore silence. You have no idea how long I’m looking for the perfect headphones noise cancelling. I dream of those by Bose but I’m not ready to spend 300 euros for my weird obsession.
I must say that for the budget I have the best I’ve tried (and I assure you that there is no headphones in my range that has not been tested) for a good level of “silence” are those for jackhammer at Leroy Merlin!

My husband has always been shocked by my desire for silence. “I turn on the music?” “No thanks”. I need silence. When I write posts but even if I’m alone at home. I love silence!
I already have enough noise inside my head … I think this is it. My thoughts scream in my ears, anxiety screams inside me… today is one of those days I would like an anechoic room that absorbs everything.

Here you can watch a video that explains well how the anechoic chambers work, this is the one of the University of Ferrara that you can also visit!

You will be probably laughing, thinking … “you will see in a few months what is going to happen to your beloved silence”… there is no time to waste, I need immediately an anechoic chamber. I’m going out and buy eggs, I’ll start with egg cartons!!


Photo Alberto Dedè e Bruno Pulici – Icon Design