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The rug can’t really miss in the kitchen, it’s an accessory really useful: it protects the floor, helps keep it clean and – last but not least – it’s décor!

Our kitchen is open on the living and we have wooden floor in the entire house (except in the bathrooms), we have to choose a functional rug but also a nice one. It helps to protect and preserve the parquet.
How to choose the perfect rug? We have already talked about how Kilim rugs are now perfect in every room.


But are they functional too?
Surely it’s better prefer those with short-hair and machine-washable, much more practical! In the kitchen it will not take long to get dirty…

There are even more convenient rugs: vinyl mats! Thin, they stick perfectly to the floor, are non-slip and above all they are very easy to clean, you just need a sponge!

What are the best (the most famous in Pinterest) and beautiful vinyl rugs? Those by Beija Flor!
There are all sizes and decorations. I love those tile flooring type and there are also some that simulate Kilim decorations and natural fibers!

Beija Flor also makes table runners, placemats, trivets and coasters and even wall stickers that perfectly simulate materials such as tiles, wood, concrete or marble.

First of all then: practicality!


Photo Beija Flor