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You can not get bored this weekend! On Saturday and Sunday, 5-6 May, Open House Milano will be back, an event that opens for two days with free guided tours, palaces, private apartments, architectural studios, artist’s labs and former industrial spaces generally closed to the public.

Over 100 locations open, here you can download the complete program.
My 25 favorite destinations:

Fondazione Carriero casa Parravicini
Restored by Gae Aulenti in 1991. Via Cino del Duca 4 (San Babila)
Sat-Sun: 11-18. Free entrance

Palazzo Castiglioni
Corso Venezia 47
Sat. 10-13.30 – reservation required

“Cremlino”, Studio Binocle
via G. Colombo 81/a
Sun.: 11-20, free entrance

Bracci & Manzini Arti grafiche
via Golgi 60 (Lambrate)
Sat-Sun: 16-18.30, free entrance

1937 air-raid shelter
Piazza Grandi
Sat: 10-17.30 – reservation required

Teatro Gerolamo
If you didn’t see it during the Fuorisalone, don’t miss this chance!
Piazza Beccaria 8
Sat-Sun: 9.30-12 – reservation required

Costanza Milano, GreenHouse Loft
Amazing apartment designed by Ilse Crawford available on Airbnb
via Spallanzani 36/a
Sat: 12-14.30 – free entrance

Ex stabilimento Lagomarsino, Studio Fiorese – Grosso
1907 former industrial building
Viale Umbria 36
Sat: 10-17.30, free entrance

Fondazione Prada
Another chance to visit (for free) the new Rem Koolhas tower
Largo Isarco 2
Sat: 10-15, reservation required

If you missed the beautiful Archiproducts apartment during the Fuorisalone
via Tortona 31
Sat-Sun: 11-19, free entrance

Ansaldo, Laboratori del Teatro alla Scala
via Bergognone 34
Sat-Sun: 10-16.30, free entrance

Palazzina Appiani
Arena, Parco Sempione, Luigi Canonica, 1807
Viale Byron 2
Sun: 10-17.30, free entrance

Rai Milano, Centro di Produzione TV
Gio Ponti building, 1939 – 1956
Corso Sempione 27
Sat: 10-15, reservation required

Velodromo Vigorelli
Via Arona 19
Sat-Sun: 10-17.30, free entrance

Albergo Diurno Cobianchi
P.za Duomo 19/A
Sat-Sun: 15-18, free entrance

Palazzo Clerici
If you missed during the Fuorisalone, this is one of the most beautiful palace in Milan with Tiepolo fresco in the amazing Galleria degli Arazzi.
Via Clerici, 5
Sat: 10-17.30, free entrance

Palazzo Moriggia
via Borgonuovo 23
Sun: 10-17.30, free entrance

Corriere della Sera
via Solferino 28
Sat-Sun: 10-16, su prenotazione

Grattacielo Pirelli
via Fabio Filzi 22
Sun: 10-16, free entrance

Bastard store
via Scipio Slataper 19
Sat-Sun: 10.30-12.15 – 15.30-19.15, reservation at a [email protected]

Campari Headquarters
Mario Botta, 2009
Via Gramsci 161 – Sesto S. Giovanni
Sat-Sun: 10-17, reservation at [email protected]

Casa Rossi 
C.so Magenta 12
Sat-Sun: 11-16.30, free entrance

Pio Albergo Trivulzio
via Trivulzio 15
Sun: 11-16, free entrance

Centro Alik Cavaliere
via De Amicis 17
Sat. 11-16.30, free entrance

For info and reservations: [email protected]

You will not be in Milan or do you want to spend some time in the nature? Don’t miss the “3 days for gardening” in the beautiful Castello di Masino park, from Friday 4th to Sunday May 6th, an exhibition-market of unusual flowers and plants, tools and garden furniture, organized by FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano.
Do not miss a visit to the Castle too!