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Nanban is an online store dedicated to all Japan enthusiasts.
Here you can find the best of Japanese craft and design: home accessories, stationery, traditional fabrics and kitchen utensils.

For each product you can find out its story, in this way you’ll be able to appreciate all the craft qualities and understand its traditional use. For example “Tenugui” are the traditional Japanese hand towels, cotton made: they are often decorated, thanks to an amazing loom, where each pattern is printed by hand on a single tissue 30 meters long, then precisely cut in several pieces. The resulting cut isn’t sewn on purpose, as after losing some threads, the process will stop and the tenugui will keep its shape naturally.artigianato giapponese design giapponese

Through the selection of products you can understand a lot of the Japanese daily world, all to discover!

You’ll find teapots, notebooks, kettles, tenugui, home and table accessories… here’s my wish list:design giapponese1. Osaka Dustpan €10 2. Black board kit A4 €27 3. Vintage notebook €6 4. Butter case €66 5. Traditional uchiwa fan €18 6. Bike soundbell €14 7. Enameled kettle €109 8. Straw pot mat €32 9. Brass trivet €79 10. Kettle/coffee pot €95 11. Butter warmer €39 12. Arita porcelain plate from €15 13. Tenugui €12 14. Mitsubishi pencils €14 15. Espresso cup €36.

Explore the Nanban website – do not miss the “The Chocolate” with Meiji The Chocolate!