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Sharon Montrose  is a Los Angeles based photographer, her job is one of the best you can imagine: she takes animal photos, but not any kind of pictures, real portraits!

The first time I saw her photos was back to 7/8 years ago when I was working in the art gallery and I was always looking for young photographers. I immediately loved her photos, puppies portraits with funny and irresistible expressions.

I was just waiting for the perfect occasion to meet her again… now that I have a baby’s room to think of, her photos were the first thing I want!
Of course, maybe my list of priorities is a bit weird but this makes you realize how much I love Sharon’s pictures!

The Animal Print Shop is her on-line art gallery where you can find amazing photos.
The animals portrayed seem to pose but here is the secret: Sharon does not try to make them pose, she let them do and, with patient, comes the perfect and more spontaneous shot!

You can find animals of the forest, of the farm, birds, hoof, felines, puppies… among my favourites there are the little monkey, the buffalo, the rhino, the zebra, the elephant, the giraffe… you’ll see, the most difficult thing is to choose them!

The Little Darlings prints are the most popular prints for baby’s room on Pinterest! You have already seen them over and over in Pinterest for sure, here is finally the source!

Each print is made in museum quality fine art and has several options between editions and sizes, this makes the price very democratic!
The smallest prints (cm 21,59×27,94) are signed but with open edition and the price starts at € 21,23. The price rises with increasing size and edition: the most precious prints are the largest photos (76×101.6 cm) of which there are only 25 editions for each!

Do you know that also Sir Elton John owns one of Sharon Montrose prints?

If you are wondering how it is possible to photograph animals in this way, do not worry: they all are real live animals, photos are taken in studio or outside where they live, then photoshopped into the backdrop. No cruelty at all. Through these series, The Animal Print Shop helps support several organizations devoted to animal rescue, educational programs, and nurturing wildlife.

I will certainly hang them over the crib, the hardest part is to choose them and create the perfect composition!

Photo The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose