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I love Hue is a game app that if you like colors you have to download immediately!
This is a chromatic puzzle. The purpose of the game is to put the shades of color in the right order.

There are several levels and various game schemes, you have two seconds to watch the correct composition and then the app will mix colors and it’s your turn.
It will be easy at the beginning, you will pass the 10 beginner levels quickly but then things get complicated with the next 25 levels of Apprentice status and I can not imagine what can happen in the final game levels, “mystic”, “scholar”, “guru” and “visionary”!
There are over 600 puzzles to challenge your abilities in recognizing colors, hues and shades!

The app is very graphic, you will relax playing with thousands of shades of colors and a relaxing soundtrack. You find the I Love Hue app in the app store available for iOS and Android. The only thing is the usual pop up adv but you can eliminate it with just € 1.99!