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The Karlbox is a true design object inspired by the style of Chinese wedding boxes, made of beech wood and marked with the studded logo of Karl Lagerfeld.
7 drawers, 350 drawing instruments: markers, crayons, pastels, colour pencils, pens brush, aquarelle pencils and all the accessories you need to create a masterpiece!






“What amuses me while drawing is the fact to draw. To me drawing is like breathing and writing. These are things that almost relax me.” – Karl Lagerfeld


Karl Lagerfeld is famous for his passion for drawing and for his rapid and spontaneous sketches. Watching him draw enchants. Do you know a curiosity? He throws away his drawings once they are finished!


The Karlbox is limited edition series of 2500 boxes available worldwide and is from the exclusive collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and Faber-Castell.
The price? € 2500. A real Christmas dream for collectors, architects and designers!