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The new February issue of CasaFacile magazine is out! This month it comes with VerdeFacile, a special issue dedicated to plants and flowers.

This issue, in particular, is special to me: you can read on it the story of our trip to Seychelles a few months ago, an amazing vacation discovering a tropical paradise between breathtaking beaches, flowers, exotic plants and spices!

In 10 days we visited 2 islands (and a half!): La Digue and Silhouette. The first is a world in miniature to discover by bike, with incredible beaches, giant tortoises, vanilla fields and wonderful houses. Silhouette instead is a natural park, 93% still untouched. Here among incredible snorkeling, jungle and beaches, we discovered a beautiful story that goes back to the legendary treasure of a corsair!

Do not miss this special green issue by CasaFacile, February is also the beginning of the perfect season to visit Seychelles, I am sure that as soon as you’ll finish reading the article, you will run to search for flights! 😉

The entire story of our journey to Seychelles is coming soon here too!

I love collecting some memories during our travels, sometimes they are little rocks, leaves, if possible shells. Here’s what I brought home from Seychelles: wonderful shells, a fragment of coral (all collected regularly on the beach!) and a cinnamon leaf!
And now we can also add the Seychelles flag on our hexagonal globe, off the African coast, in the Indian Ocean!