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September is the real beginning of the new year! After summer months where rhythm slowed down, school was over, cities were empty and the tan makes all of us looking good, September surprises us with a myriad of “back to …”, back to school, back to office, back to work … any “back” it’s yours it is always about getting back to reality and new beginnings (and this always creates me some anxiety).

I‘m sure that every new beginning requires good intentions and new projects.
This is the time to think about the future, have positive thoughts and hold firmly to the “good vibes” we have collected in the sun.

Whether you go back to school or the office, it’s important to be prepared! This is the perfect excuse to get some good stationery supply! After a trip to Sweden and one to USA, I’m really very well equipped with notebooks, pencils, pens, bloc notes and anything else! – Be ready because an entire blogpost dedicated to shopping in Stockholm is coming this week!

I am obsessed with my new opalescent case, it’s quite to have a unicorn on my desk, I love it! I got this summer in Stockholm from Monki.

New year means new agenda! What do you think about agenda 16 months, from September to December of the next year? This year I can not resist to the wonderful UO agenda! Patterns, colors, inspirational quote… exactly what we need for this year!
You can find it here and it also comes with a geometric cover!

Every new year requires resolutions. These are mine:

1- I want to stop collecting super cool stationery and start using it!

2- I want to remember who I am. I have already sticked a business card on the first page of the agenda: I want to be loyal to myself, never betray my identity!

3- The official word of my new year will be “organization”. My mission: time is preciouos, I do not want to waste it, I want to learn how to manage it to be able to do everything!

Do you want to know where I get everything on my desk at the moment? Black and white pen by Tiger such as the ruler, bloc notes and agenda by UO, pen holder Design Letters (in Milan you can find it at Design Republic), case Monki, colors chips Farrow & Ball, note book and “to do today” post it Hema, pencils Target. The Badtz-Maru calculator is a vintage piece from middle school!

Happy new year!