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If you love Scandinavian design and stationery you’ll adore the Normann Copenhagen Daily Fiction collection: a perfect combo, I talked about it here.

The collection is finally arrived in Milan thanks to “Design Souvenir” a collaborative project between the Danish brand, the Milan store Design Republic and simple flair, a website with a fresh and contemporary vision of the design world.

simple flair is made by Simona Flacco and Riccardo Crenna, a beautiful couple at work and in life I met in Tourin at Operae, we immediately find a good connection as all we love design, travel and architecture! 😉

A few days ago I met Simona and asked her to tell us about the “Design Souvenir” project:

Q. How did the “Design Souvenir” project come out and what made you choose the Normann Copenhagen stationery collection?

A. Design Souvenir is born from the desire to produce a content for Design Republic store telling more about their world through our vision of design.
On simple flair we talk about design from our point of view and today many companies are asking us to make our own project to tell more about their realities.
We chose a small scale for this project, we went for the millenials target and we choose a brand that we love: Normann Copenhagen with the Daily Fiction collection was perfect!

Q. How did you design the installation? I’ve loved colors and the azure carpet!

A. Actually the installation was just the final step. We designed it as Studio Modulo, the studio we founded with Silvia Fumagalli. We can work with design at 360 °: with simple flair we take care of the “intangible” part, like the company’s projects, and with Studio Modulo we take care of the more “tangible” aspect as interior designs, installations and products.
838B8313_DesignRepublic_DesignSouvenir_HiRes_Ph.DanieleFragale 838B8316_DesignRepublic_DesignSouvenir_HiRes_Ph.DanieleFragaleDesignRepublic_DesignSouvenir_HiRes_Ph.DanieleFragale

Q. In this project you’ve worked with stationery as design pieces: how did it happen?

A. Everything can turn into design with a solid company is behind it. The Daily Fiction collection is a kind of “adult candy store” as they call it and I’ve really felt this way… I would love to take home every single piece!

Q. In this project you are talking to Millenials, how do they relate with design?

A. If you are talking to Millennials you have to handle different products and a different communications strategy. Millennials are digital native, they use the web to find informations, they do not trust traditional advertising claims. You have to change the rules: you need to be lighter, take yourself less seriously, forget about selling, you are proposing contents and ideas.
Companies need to understand this and produce contents speaking the language of Millennials, they will be customers today and tomorrow.

838B8327_DesignRepublic_DesignSouvenir_HiRes_Ph.DanieleFragale 838B8345_DesignRepublic_DesignSouvenir_HiRes_Ph.DanieleFragale 838B8347_DesignRepublic_DesignSouvenir_HiRes_Ph.DanieleFragale 838B8350_DesignRepublic_DesignSouvenir_HiRes_Ph.DanieleFragale

Q. We are talking about travel and souvenir… what’s never missing in your suitcase?

A. The camera and a map of the place we are going to visit are always present. Before the departure we make a lot of research to be sure we won’t miss a thing! That’s exactly why we’ve been posting, since December, our personal guide on simple flair. We started with London and Berlin, choosing to make PDFs available for download so you can print it and bring along!

Q. Is there anything in particular that you usually take home from your traveling? 


A. Usually we love discover in a new city concept stores and bookstores, we often come back with a new piece for our home. Ceramics, books but very often even cloths by brand you cannot find in Milan.

Q. What’s next? How Design Souvenir is going to grow?

A. Design Souvenir will be going on through various stages, there was the launch event on May 17th but the Daily Fiction collection will still be available for sale at Design Republic store.
Actually there is a new project with simple flair, we would like to tell you more about it but we have to wait … stay tuned! 😉

Thank you to Simona and Riccardo for this nice chat together!

In the meanwhile you’ll find the Daily Fiction stationery collection by Normann Copenhagen at Design Republic, a design store in the very heart of Milan, Corso di Porta Ticinese 3 (on-line too).


Photos Daniele Fragale