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How to pack the perfect suitcase? And the hand luggage? Today we pack together and I’ll show you all my “techniques” and I’ll give you some advices!

We are going to Tokyo tomorrow, we will stay there for a week with a small stop over in Doha, Qatar, on the way back.

9 tips on how to pack the perfect suitcase

Fabrics that do not wrinkle too much. When you decide what to put in your suitcase choose clothes and fabrics that do not wrinkle too much. This is a very useful tip!

Basic pieces that match easily. The best thing to avoid being on a trip with clean clothes but “nothing to wear” would be think an outfit for every day. I don’t do this … I’m too lazy! I just choose basic pieces and colors that match easily without too much effort! For me it’s all about white, black, jeans and stripes (okay, maybe it’s time I admit I have a problem with stripes…). Accessories will add the color accent: pink bag for me!

Dresses. This would be a nice choice for women: you will save space! You wear a dress, instead of a t-shirt + skirt/pants and you will be ready with one piece!

Jeans. A pair of jeans is always perfect, if the flight is long I put it in the suitcase, I prefer travel wearing something more comfortable.

Fabric shopping bag. I have always in my suitcase a fabric shopping bag, it will be your extra bag for any emergency: it will save you even if your purchases will not fit all in your suitcase…

Umbrella. We hope we do not have to use it but take it with you in any case. We are going to Tokyo it has to be Kawaiiiii! 😉come-fare-la-valigia-2

Organizer. I was skeptical too but now I don’t pack without them! Muji’s garment cases are my favorite for clothes. In particular those with double zip giving you the flexibility to pack a variety of items in one cube while still keeping them organized and within easy reach.


How to pack shoes. You can use bag for shoes too (Seletti has a huge variety!) but a simple shower cap will be perfect! You should start to collect them in hotels, they are really useful!

Scented suitcase. Tip: When you put away your suitcase (clean it after every travel, I recommend it!) put inside it a scented bag. I leave it inside even when I travel: your luggage will smell fresh!


And what about the hand luggage? 

What to pack in your hand luggage: 14 things you’ll need

Let’s talk about hand luggage, the one you’ll take with you on the plane. If the flight is long I prefer use a backpack, maybe a slim one that when I’ll arrived I’ll put in the suitcase.

Travel light. This is my first requirement for the hand luggage (and low cost airlines think it too).

Passport and tickets. Documents, money … all you need. For the tickets I prefer having everything on my iPhone so I won’t risk to loose anything! You can use airlines app or “Wallet” app.

Cables and chargers. I prefer keeping everything in my hand luggage, if unexpected or delay happens I could in any case charge my iPhone or any other electronic device. No panic!

Camera. It never misses!

Pen and paper. I always have a notebook and a pen with me.

Travel guide. You can use flight hours to plan your visit!

Book. My Kindle is always with me.

Headphones or earphones. You’ll need them to entertain you and, once you’ll be on the plane, you’ll use them watching movies.

Business cards. You never know who you are going to meet on your next trip! I still remember that time on a Fiumicino-Miami flight that I was sitting next to Marva Griffin (the founder of the Salone Satellite and Holy Protector of Young Designers …).

Liquids bag. You can carry in the hand luggage containers up to 100 ml in a 20×20 cm transparent bag. Keep it close, during security checks you will have to pass it separately under the x-rays.
Liquids also include cream, spray, gel, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and mascara.
My liquid bag is a kind of a bag for all the occasions, it’s the result of years and years of travel and studies. Now it’s perfect! It definitely would deserve a dedicated post!
Lipbalm, moisturizer, toothbrush and toothpaste: can not miss!

Change of clothes. During long flight I have in my hand luggage a change of clothes (in a separate bag that I will use as laundry bag). Just to travel comfortably.


Eye mask/socks. Consider that, depending on the airline/class you’ll fly, you could get on board. Eye mask for sleep well  and socks to get rid of your shoes and feel more comfortable (remember to put your shoes back before landing or you can risk that your feet will swell).

Earplugs. Headphones help but the earplugs will cancel engine noise.

Hoodie. This is kind my uniform when I travel! I hate air conditioning on the plane and the hood will keep my head warm, I usually have a light scarf too.

In the end… When you pack your suitcase think about where you are going. If it is a city or a hyper-civilized place do not worry about forgetting something, there will be plenty of stores at your destination! 😉

Another thing: you can find the “packing list” at Tiger: it will help you to don’t forget anything… even if I would have some additions to make!


As maybe you’ve noticed my suitcase is half-empty… you can easily guess my intentions! ;-))

I hope to have been of help to you, you always ask me what I pack into my suitcase, here it is, the mystery solved!
If you have other tips and tricks… don’t keep them, write them in the comments below! 😉DSC_0035