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Edible flowers are a real trend now, it’s easy find them even at the supermarket.
Flowers add to plates not only beauty, but also flavor, fragrance and many nutrients such as minerals, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins (A and C) and very few fats.

I’ve found on Instagram the beautiful profile of Lori Stern, a Californian chef and baker attentive to organic products and sustainable crops, who became famous (97 thousand followers!) thanks to her “flowered” cookies.

Lori decorates simple vanilla cookies with edible flowers.
There are about 50 different species of edible flowers. We eat some of them every day maybe without being aware, such as figs, artichokes, pumpkin flowers, cauliflowers and saffron, others we are used to seeing them in gardens like violets, chrysanthemums, dahlias, daisies, geraniums, primroses, aster, roses, lavender and carnations.

Today it is very popular use edible flowers cooking but it is not a new thing: the ancient Romans already used flowers and petals in their recipes!

Lori prepares cookies and cakes using the flowers she grows in her garden or looking for them in wonderful Southern California farmer markets. You must pay close attention to their provenance and bio cultivations free of pesticides.

Lori sells her beautiful cookies also online but unfortunately, for conservation reasons, only in the United States, but you can then try to make her recipe at home:

Let’s say, you are already thinking about which flowers you have to try to make some flowery cookies! 😉

Photo Lori Stern