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Spring is in the air, temperatures are rising and sun and rain will reawaken Nature.

In no time fields will be covered with white daisies, ‘Occhi della Madonna’ (how do you call those little blue flowers?), pansies and yellow dandelion flowers.

Today I tell you about my new love on Instagram: the floral embroideries by Olga Prinku. Olga is from Moldova but now lives in North East England with her family. Her Instagram profile is full of peaceful images,light, flowers and knitting. You can understand a lot about her in there: she likes the simple country life, long walks in nature, weave garlands of flowers and knitting (she sells her knitted works on prinku.com).
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The passion for wildflowers that she picks up in the country is evolving in highly refined embroidery: it all started weave wildflowers in old sieves and now she uses embroidery hoops and tulle.
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Immediately my imagination flew to the beautiful Valentino dresses made with floral decorations on light voile … now I dream of dresses made of real flowers, they will be the envy of every Disney princess!

The beauty of Olga’s works lies also in the natural life of fresh flowers that drying out keep intact all their charm!

I look forward to Spring and I’ll try myself with these amazing ’embroideries’! And you? Let’s remember one thing: everything can be decorated with flowers!

Follow Olga on Instagram, you can find her as @olgaprinku