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Assemble Ikea’s furniture is always a challenge to patience and often puts the couple to the test… and what if there would be a new way to assemble the pieces?

Ikea is experimenting since 2014 a new type of joint called “wedge dowel”. No more screws, hex keys and tools, it requires no glue and can be taken apart and reassembled many times with no damage or loss of structural integrity.

According to design and architecture we are living in a new “nomadic” way of life. The possibility to assemble with just few clicks goes in this direction but unfortunately Ikea, among the other reasons of this new lifestyle include the increase of divorces and separations. When I think about nomadic lifestyle I imagine instead a more flexible freedom, the ability to move more easily to seize chances and opportunities.

The first furniture that use wedge dowel is the Lisabo table, in stores from early this year. The table has a one-piece top (available in various sizes) and you can joint easily the legs. The estimated time for sitting at the table is 3 minutes!

The purpose is to convert most of the Ikea wooden furniture with wedge dowels! What do you think? Ikea promises to reduce time and hysterics due to the assembly process!

ikea-wedge dowel ikea_newjoint_02

IKEA_wedge dowel