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I go to Gozo since I was a child, Summer holiday means Gozo to me. There I grew up, I learned to know and love madly a land that is full of surprises, a magical place. This was the island of Calypso where Ulysses stayed for 10 years. Here there is the myth, here there are the oldest and most important megalithic temples of the world, more than Stonehenge (Ggantija temples: 3600-2800 BC)!

Yesterday morning, everything changed: Gozo and the whole Maltese archipelago lost their icon: the Azure Window collapsed. It was the symbol of the islands, one of the most photographed places of Instagram, one of the most fascinating places in the Mediterranean.

Azure window-Carmen Cassar-island of gozo

Photo Carmen Cassar – Island of Gozo, Facebook page

Azure window-Marlon George Grech

Photo Marlon George Grech

From here you enjoy the most beautiful sunsets across Malta, Comino and Gozo. Best thing to do was coming here with something to drink and chips, sitting on the rocks and enjoy the show of the place.

Here my husband wanted to ask me to marry him … many, many memories bind me to this special place.azure-window-gozo-malta-6 azure-window-gozo-malta-17

Do you remember the wedding of Khaleese and Khal Drogo?

azure window-gozo-malta-dolce-gabbana

It was wonderful swim under the Azure Window with calm sea but it was perhaps even better come here and see the impetuous force of the sea. Storms in winter here were frightening, this was the perfect place to admire the power of nature.

The sea and the wind created it eroding limestone that forms the entire island and the sea and the wind yesterday destroyed it. It happened yesterday morning at 9.40 and only thanks to the bad weather there were no victims. The Azure Window is the most tourist spot who unfortunately have never respected the “no climb” signals.

The face of Gozo is forever changed, it lost part of its identity. Where will tourists go now? I’ve seen it a thousand times, yet each time it was so overwhelming! Every summer I come here with friends. No one would have imagined that the sea would swallow it in one piece and especially so soon.azure-window-gozo-malta-16ss copyazure-window-gozo-malta-2

It maybe sounds strange but it is like a dear friend loss. I’m happy for every time I saw it and I’ll keep close every happy memory I lived there.


I’ll keep bringing friends here and I’ll tell them about you, goodbye Azure Window.