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The new CasaFacile is here!
CasaFacile October issue is special: new graphics, new columns, more houses and lots of news!

This issue is a mile stone, a new beginning with a new editor in chief, Francesca Magni, with Giusi Silighini as now creative director.

“Who loves the house has the talent of possible dreams. We wants, day by day making more personal the place where we live”. From the editor in chief Francesca Magni editorial

For me it’s really a special issue: I am very honored to be featured in it!!
Finally I will be able to show you our home renovation photographed in a beautiful Before&After with styling by Cristina Gigli and Elisabetta Viganò.

Seeing our house featured in CasaFacile is a dream comes true! After so many years dreaming and looking for inspiration among those pages, see our house in there, it’s amazing!! I can hardly believe it! But it’s all true, they took the photos exactly 15 days before Tobia arrived!

It was awesome seeing the enormous work behind a photoshoot. I want to tell you more in another blog post!