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Indoor plants are beautiful and can transform any room. Just take a look on Pinterest or Instagram and you’ll notice that ‘jungle’ bathroom are awesome!
The humidity of the bathroom creates the perfect environment for many plants, you have just to choose the right ones!

6 tips to choose the right plants for the bathroom:

Bathroom is the most humid room of the house, so choose plants that appreciate this type of habitat such as ferns and orchids.

Bathrooms are not always full of light. If you fear that your bathroom is too dark, choose plants that do not require too much light like fern, aloe vera, Lucky bamboo, calathea and sanseviera.

Think about where you want to place the plant: on the ground? On a shelf? Hanging? Depending on the space, choose the plant not only for size but also for her shape. If you want to hang them will be beautiful Ficus Pumila, ivy, photos or chlorophyte.

If you have a small bathroom, choose small plants with a slow growth such as succulent plants, Lucky bamboo, Kalanchoe or tillandsias, plants that grow without soil, you can easily hang them.

If you have space choose a large plant or many small plants to create a green corner that gives a nice “tropical” effect! Dracena and philodendron with their large leaves guarantee a dramatic effect!

You have no green thumb? Choose plants that do not require too much care such as pothos that can grow in water (hydroculture) or fern, ivy, tillsands, spatifillus and chlorophyll.

I want to create a small green corner in our bathroom too and hang some plants. I’ll show you soon the result!